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I've always been horny. As a kid, I would jack-off at home, on the street, at school, in the front yard, in the back yard, and of course, in front of my friends. I was always experimenting, sticking anything that would fit up my ass, fucking the vacuum cleaner, drinking my piss, and with a little practice, deep-throating all 8 inches of my hard, young cock.
I would spend hours, stroking, beating, licking and sucking my cock, bringing myself to the edge over and over until I couldn't stand it anymore (I still love to do this). One night it occurred to me that I had never given myself a good old-fashioned no-hands blow-job, so I locked myself in my room and had at it. I set up a mirror next to my bed and stripped (I can suck myself standing up or sitting down, but if I really want to fuck my face I lie on my back and throw my legs over my head). I didn't have a hardon at first, but with my knees on either side of my head, my cock and balls brushed against my nose and I stiffened up fast. I ran my tongue over my cockhead, then opened wide as it hardened, inching it's way into my mouth. When the tip hit the back of my tongue, I wrapped my arms around my ass and began to suck.

I pulled out slowly, dragging my teeth over the sensitive skin and feeling the veins throb against my tongue. As the glans pulled from my mouth, I turned my head, letting the shaft slide along my cheek.
A little extra thrust brought my balls down to my waiting lips. I licked and chewed my ballsac, sucked in one swollen nut to roll on my tongue. My cock pulsed against my cheek. I swallowed it, using my hand to stuff my balls in too. Digging my knees into the bed, I began to thrust, my mouth packed with balls and cock. My jaw began to ache, so I let my balls slip from my mouth and increased the speed of my thrusts.
I turned my head slightly to catch my reflection in the mirror, my cheeks hollow, thick spit glistening on my lips and my cock, the muscles of my legs and ass standing out as I thrust. I felt the first jolt of approaching orgasm in the base of my cock, the familiar thrum of pleasure vibrating through my asshole. I can't begin to describe the feeling of my own bloated dick sliding down my throat. My moans were muffled as I pushed deeper and with one final thrust rammed the slick swollen head past my tonsils, pumping a huge load of my own cum down my throat.
It's been many years since this particular episode, but I still blow myself a couple of times a week, and if I feeling really randy I'll lube up my ass and fuck myself or slide my hand up my ass...maybe I'll tell you about that some other time.

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