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 I submitted two websites of my work to the Queer Arts Resource Website for consideration, asking if they would want to include them on their links page. I got a nice e-mail back saying that they would be happy to include my site "Advertisers Anonymous", but that this site "Auto-fellatio Kingdom" was "a bit more problematic. Where is the dividing line between art and porn?"

Here are the arguments that I can think of for my videos not being Art, and my thoughts on those arguments:

These videos are not art because:

1). They are sexually explicit. I wonder how many artists there are who don't produce some erotica, whether it is shown, hidden away, or destroyed? Maybe there's some internationally recognized mathematical formula whereby an artist's work ceases to be Art if a certain percentage of it is erotic in nature? Did I miss the class where they talked about this because I dropped out of art school?

2). They are videos. What year is this?

3). I use elements of the porno-vernacular in my productions and promotions. Again, what year is this? Readymades, Pop Art, Lynda Benglis, Betty Dodson, Andy Warhol, Carolee Schneeman, Jeff Koons, Heilman-C, Attila Richard Lukacs, Gilbert & George....

The use of the vernacular, and the porno-vernacular, is a venerable tradition in contemporary art.

4). Real Artists aren't motivated by the desire to make money. Hah. Hah, hah! Hah ,hah, hah, hah!

5). I (Al), am not an artist. Please see the answer to question #3.

6). The videos don't fit easily into any generally recognized Fine Art category. Big deal.

Can You think of other reasons why my videos are (or aren't) Art? Drop me an e-mail and I'll include them here. Write to :

Readers respond:

Hello Al

Here's my take on your 'cinema verite' tape, Selfsufficient. It's absolutly wonderful! My dick got hard during the first episode and started dribbling during the second and I really enjoyed playing with it during the third. Finally I let her rip along with you during that intense deep throating at the end of the fourth. I love your cock but I like your tongue even better! It snakes out of your mouth devouring everything it can reach!
The epiphany for me was when your mouth, cock and nipple met all at the same time and place in some kind of higher dimmensional space! Your tapes are the result of the kind of exploring that any healthy, normal, male, child would do and of course it's very erotic for us to watch the fruits of your labor. There's so much maleness here, you really put the homo back in man sex. I love the fact your tapes aren't gay but genuine documentations of male sexuality. I'm so tired of 'gay' right now. Back in the late 60's when you were probably in diapers I was pioneering the gay lifestyle in the West Village so I have something to compare it with. There's no fake here. You have some of that same fearlessness, letting the chips fall where they may. And look what honesty produces, Art! I know you're probably somewhat of a showoff, but hey, someone has to do it! We can't all be a child of Eros! and double jointed, and long dicked, and talented tongued! LOL !!! (I bet oral sex with you is fantastic!) And think of the legions of guys you have turned on, ie mansturbated to your shannigans, isn't this tape something like 11 or 12 years old now! Wow, what a river of astral cum that must be! Your contribution to the Sexual Revolution! Isn't that what Art does, turn people on? We need your sensuality right now to counterbalance the Republican/Christian/Fundamentalist anti-life doctrines of death/repression/violence.
I've started a collection of "amateur" tapes, real people doing real things, and this one will be the crown jewel in my collection. So it's not porn even if I have to jack off to it everytime I see it! It's just 'intimate' Art that gets us thru the lean times! Thank you for bringing me in touch with my 'inner' boy once again. David

It is art--for as you stated, "Lifeas art." I would go further andsay, indeed, "life is art" and,conversely, "art is life." But any art produced in a capitalist culture is suspect and its raw intensity diminished. That's why I pray for day (literally!) whencapital and property relations will be overthrown, thus allowing all people to be powerful artists.


While I agree with your arguments, I think that your productions probably are more porn than art. Now, that's a rather fine line, if it is a line at all. Because athing is pornographic, does that make it NOT art? Consider Michelangelo's David. Definitely art, no question. But, think about it, a 19 year old, with a body byGilad and over-sized hands, carved by someone who knew what he liked in young men. That couldn't be more sexually stimulating if it were made with a big faterection (actually, the impression of innocence in the nude makes it even more erotic).
Ultimately, art is expression. Of course, this begs the question, What can you possibly hope to say by blowing yourself? It wasn't until I studied the words ofBruce Lee (that karate is a form of expression), that I realized the meaninglessness of that question (What can you possibly hope to say by kicking someone's ass?). Consider the poet. Big deal, another love poem; so what's the expression, how much he's smitten with some broad? No, but here are some clues: somany syllables per line, every other line rhymes, ... the mere fact that it's a love poem. When all of the facade and pretense are removed, all that anyone can hopeto express is one's self, to be free of inhibition and containment, and say to the universe, Behold the infinite and inimitable me. Somehow, you are able to express yourself by ejaculating in your mouth on video.
But, is it art? By my own analysis, I guess it is. What dissuades your material from 'legitimate' consideration, is that it is not tasteful to the (sexually stifled American) public. Certainly one can take a dump on a section of newspaper, and sell it to a museum, but it's not anything people really care to see. I have never subscribed to the idea that since it is real, it's OK to saturate network media with it. NYPD Blue may be artistic in its display of TV profanity, brief nudity and realistic killing, but it's exactly that kind of shit I'm trying to escape when I turn to the arts. Can you honestly expect public schools to teach art by showing tapes of autofellatio?
Maybe what pisses me off about the whole thing, is that I can't do it myself.
 Kenneth Tynan was on some TV show (David Frost?) when I was a young teenager, defending "Oh! Calcutta!", and he said, essentially, that something can be Art, and also give men erections, and that he thought that erections were a good thing, to be encouraged. What a great thing to hear at that point in my life, when I was trying to figure out what to think about, and what to feel about, and what to do with my frequently hard cock!

In High School I was an Art kid: loved Art class, spent my free periods in the art room, stayed after school to make art, and then went home (or out into the woods, or stayed in the art room) and used that same passionate, creative impulse to explore my body. At 14 I was learning how to throw on the pottery wheel, how to work with oil paints, and how to position my body so that I could get my balls into my mouth. My Father is an artist, and as a teenager I read his art magazines and absorbed some of the boundary dissolving ideas and impulses of conceptualism, body art, performance art, Fluxus...Dad often took me to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, with it's amazing Duchamp collection, and I saw the first readymades; art which declares that the only essential quality of art is in the intent of the artist.

I dropped out of art school. The Art World that I saw was just a rarified version of the fucked-up, brutal, decaying, celebrity-obsessed, dominant culture, and I wanted no part of it. Well, actually, part of me wanted no part of it, and another part of me wanted to dive right in and be rich and famous and "successful"; but the Anarchist won out: I dropped out, and stopped making Fine Art for consumption by the privileged classes.

But I never stopped sucking my cock. I never stopped applying my creative energy to the life-long project of exploring my body-mind and testing my limits. I followed my passions and used my creative energy to create experiences for myself and for others. Where was the line, what was the distinction, between documenting a performance or an installation, and documenting my private performing and installing? When I realised that other people were fascinated by my talent for auto-fellatio, and would pay to see it, I started making my self-suck videos.

People would pay to see it. I was motivated, in part, by a desire to to make money. Is that the thing that sets my self-suck videos apart from "art"? Are Real Artists never influenced by financial concerns? I approach my video projects in exactly the same way that I approach any other artwork that I create: my intent is to create something that communicates with the the viewer in a way that pleases and satisfies me. If I can make a living doing that, so much the better.

One of the unexpected side-effects of making my self-suck videos was a mostly subconscious reevaluation of my relationship to the Art World. I never doubted that what I was doing was just as much "art" as any sculpture or painting that I (or anyone else) might make. I realised that I was creating a commodity, a luxury item that was not essential to anyone's existence. If I was OK with that, why shouldn't I go back into the Art World that I had turned my back on so many years ago?

In art school, a friend told me a little bit about Balinese culture; the quote I remember was something along the lines of "We have no Artists here, everyone does things as well and as beautifully as they can". Life as Art. I wanted to help to break down the categories that stifled people's creativity, to be one of the wooden shoes thrown into the works of the Trans-national Mega-machine. I still want that, but I've become more tolerant of conditionality with age: I'm an Artist who doesn't believe in Art, a Man who doesn't believe in the binary gender system, an Anti-capitalist Businessman.

When I make a video I hope that it will be visually pleasing to viewers, and that it will excite them sexually. The esthetic that informs my videos is really no different from the one that informs the other art that I produce.

Just read your section on art and smut. I have all the videos you offer and have spend many hours watching them and getting off with you. But, there are times when I've watched and not been in a horny mood...that's when I focus on your art. What is artistic about your videos? Well - I really can't say. I also couldn't really say what is "artistic" about Monet's paintings, but I could look at them for hours. I've heard all about how he captured light and so on, but that really doesn't mean anything to me... I like his work because of how it makes me feel. I'm transported to somewhere else (never-neverland maybe?). Your videos also transport me...the world is shut out and I fall into a TV screen for a while; sometimes to masturbate, and sometimes just to sit still and watch.
Though I am very fond of having your "Because he can", I'll take what I get! I saw some excerpt from this and seeing you, wearing your glasses, something moved near to my bones. You claim to be an artist doing just pornographic videos. Well, I think you do porno. But then I consider, how one could argument the meaning of art. My opinion is, that there could be something outside our mind and body, standing for something unexpressable. Because of its shape or, in a wider sense, appearance an art work enters our mind and body. It is in us as a part of our thinking and feeling. Naturally we destroy all the things we admire - we want to have them so
near as possible - so we eat them! We destroy or/and eat them. But if something appears to be near to you, while you do not have to eat it, you might wish, that this thing just shall be for the sake of itself. You can leave it in distance. There is a dead french jewish/catholic philosopher in the European 30's or 40's called Simone Weill. She said:
> "Abstand ist die Seele des Schönen." This means: Distance is the soul of beauty, and I think that beauty is an attribute of art, though our understanding of what beauty is, differs through the ages and through the minds, so something formerly considered ugly, now can be the uttermost of beauty. I do think that distance is the real meaning of love, too. I you do love someone /-thing and you can leave it in distance, so that he/she/it could be itself, so that is love- you don't want to eat and you don't want to destroy. Wanting that something gets near to you or may be part of your live doesn't mean love - this is destroy someone/-thing for your own sake, this is weakness, this is greed... To come to terms: watching you sucking your little Johnny and ramming something in your ass, surely causes my little Johnny to erect and I even cum, but I do not feel really horny. I feel warm! Something warm creeps from the image into my body and wraps up my bones. So that is what I mean saying something gets near the bone. In this moments I really wish you to be and I wish you all the luck one might have in a lifetime. For this reason I can say you do art!


Just visited your site and thought I'd add some comments: Of course sexual imagery is art.. Perhaps the finest form of art, especially when it's at its most vulgar, its most obscene..
Why? Art is just the attempt to capture a moment in time, to freeze it for permanent re-review... the more effectively that is achieved, the most acutely the moment is invoked, the finer the art. And since sex is the most intense of experiences, the ability to "move" the viewer-- either to new experiences, or to widen his definition of what is sexually attainable or acceptable, up to and including changing his views on things he might have once found morally abhorent and ultimately turning those things into perversions that define him..... these are the goals of Art in so many ways, and sexually, Art is only at its most sincere, its rawest. Otherwise, why is there so much "fetish" sex on the internet? Because guys have a need for it, a craving for the bestial. And if "art" doesn't or cannot satisfy the basest of instincts, or arouse the most vile churnings in us, then what is it??
Just my 2 cents worth...

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