If you have problems posting (+ Sorry for all the goddamn spam!!)

Hey friends. In late 2019 the company that hosts this website had to move us to a new server. Everything seemed to work OK after the move, but I've been getting occasional reports from members that they're trying to post replies to message 'topics' and get error messages and can't post.
The frustrating thing is the problem is really hard to track down and define, and it seems to disappear after a while for most members.
I want to apologize for the aggravation this is causing, and to ask members to SEND ME A MESSAGE if you have this problem. The more examples of what's happening we have, the more likely it is that we'll be able to fix the problem. Thanks! Al

PS Sorry for the junk messages that have been appearing for the last week. I need to find time to update the forum software, but time is something I have very little of! I'll get a fix as soon as I can.

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