SS in panties?

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SS in panties?

Post by shinyskivs »

Hey all,
I started SS when I was 10, and was able to get down to the base at that point. I stopped at 12, and didn't attempt it again until last year (at age 25) It was really tough, but where there's a will, there's a way--I can now get the head in. Just wondering, does anyone else out there like to don a pair of shiny panties or a tight, shiny thong and then try SS? I find this really hot, and there's always ways to collect sexy underwear without buying it...

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Re: SS in panties?

Post by Pantystevens »

OMG yes!!!
When I was teenager I would wear my sister's satin panties and with two mirrors look at her panties while I sucked myself dry! I still love panties.

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Re: SS in panties?

Post by Cumloverdk »

I own several thongs, and I love to wear sexy lingerie not just at home but also under my work clothes. One of my favourites are fishnet stockings and a black blonde thong whit a matching bra.
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Re: SS in panties?

Post by ssandsfwithgf »

Once in a while I wear my lady's underwear and I really enjoy it while self sucking. I like to bite my cock through her underwear or just rub it on my lips. I've even done a dirty pair from time to time. It adds to the enjoyment for sure.

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