Psychological backrgound for self sucking

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Re: Psychological backrgound for self sucking

Post by igodownonme »

It could be digit ratio. My ring finger is longer than my index. Higher testosterone, etc. My dick is on the upper side of the average scale. I love to cum. I have always loved getting head to the point of being a bit of an annoyance to most of the ladies I've dated. During my college years, drunk, I let two gay guys blow me (not at the same time). Anyway, I didn't seriously begin trying to suck myself until I was in my late 20's, and discovering sites like this on the internet. I used to throw myself into the plow as a teen and tried to get it to my mouth, but the floor was hard, and I ended up ejaculating all over my face and onto the floor. My semen tasted gross at the time. But I was ignorant of the fact that you can improve flexibility. And with my upbringing, yoga was a cultish thing. And aside from all of that, I prefer not to question it. IMHO, any man who can lick and - or suck his own cock to orgasm is simply one lucky son of a bitch. Like Nike, just do it. I don't know why anyone would want to stop. I don't share this with the lady in my life; she's too uptight, and I love to fuck. I don't need baggage of someone else wondering about my sexual motives. There's only one: I love to cum. When I my dick is in my mouth, it's more about getting head than giving it, even though I enjoy the smell and taste of my cock and balls. If I were to philosophize, I would only say that I'm a lucky, selfish bastard who doesn't give a damn what anyone else thinks about autofellatio. I will do it until I'm too old or otherwise limited to just watching others do it while I jack off. Bottoms up, guys!

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Re: Psychological backrgound for self sucking

Post by Xyz123 »

I know this is an old post, but I feel what gave me the desire to try autofellatio was back in my early teens I went through years of csa, and had a very lucid dream of doing myself.
I had the dream a few more times over the years, but no matter the intensity of the desire to suck myself I am not near close enough to do it.
My body never had much flexibility for as long as I can remember.
You guys that can enjoy. The rest of us just have to keep dreaming.

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