selfsuck with mirror

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selfsuck with mirror

Post by collegeselfer »

My best selfsuck sessions seem to occur when I plop a mirror against the wall and either ss on the floor or in a chair in front of it. Theres something about seeing yourself coming down onto yourself, seeing your bare muscles flex, watching your cock slide past your own lips, watching yourself make love with yourself passionately like your throat is your own pussy youre trying to breed, that makes the experience more intimate and personal. To me, its an act of self-love, and the mirror allows me to fantasize with myself. Afterwards, when I've bloomed into my mouth and I swallow my seed, I always sit back and stare at my sweaty, cramped muscular body in the mirror, proud of the communion of cock and mouth I just performed. Do you guys also watch yourselves during your sessions?

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Re: selfsuck with mirror

Post by Phoenixedger »

I don't personally but if I had your body and looked like you I definitely would. I actually prefer it as dark as possible for some reason it seems to feel better when I'm concentrating on it intimately and not watching.

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Re: selfsuck with mirror

Post by Happy Boy »

way back when i first started sucking myself, a few times i used a small (like 2"x3") hand mirror to see things from a different angle. i had hoped i might see something that would help me get deeper. it didn't, but it was rather hot to see actual selfsucking in action.

this was like a decade before the internet was a big thing so i hadn't even seen videos of it. there was VHS porn, but it was limited to whatever tapes were available at your local independent video store (places like blockbuster or hollywood video wouldn't deal in such things), and most of it was pretty vanilla (around my area anyhow).

watching was cool, but it was hard to hold the mirror at the same time so i only did it a few times way back then and maybe a hand full of times for variety in the decades since.

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Re: selfsuck with mirror

Post by aleingang69 »

I am definitely a narcissistic mirror man! :)

I've always used mirrors - starting before puberty, when I could figure out the logistics. Starting to shoot video of my self was great - I often worked with mirrors AND cameras and monitors, so I had a whole orgy of me to watch!


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Re: selfsuck with mirror

Post by Kallen72 »

I had a very big mirror I would lay on top of my legs, so I had a very good view of my cock going into my mouth. It looked so hot, seeing my load going into my mouth. Sadly, before the internet times, late 80s - early 90s, and definitely before we had cams in our phones.
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Re: selfsuck with mirror

Post by Polevaulter69 »

I regularly self-suck with mirrors. I live in a large off-campus neighborhood and there’s always someone graduating twice a year and throwing out full length or table mirrors on the side of the road so I have several. I love watching myself sucking cock in them and always looking for a new way to watch myself going at it.

The best view is to lay a full length mirror face down with about 1/3 of it hanging over the side of the bed. Secure it from tipping or moving with some sort of evenly distributed weight at the far end. Then self-suck in the Plow position with your head looking away from the bed while lying directly beneath the upside-down mirror. What I do is shoving my toes between the mattress and boxspring behind my head for better leverage and balance and spaced wide enough apart so my view isn’t obstructed. Then I have an unrestricted view of my ass, the back of my thighs, and of course my cock and balls, pumping up and down into my horny cock-hungry mouth. It’s awesome once you get the angles just right and you don’t have to divert your eyes at all. You get twice the eye-candy as it’s happening.
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Re: selfsuck with mirror

Post by Sperm Consumer! »

I was recording my masturbation sessions a long time ago and thanks to this I could see how sperm was runing down my throat. Damn, that was so amazing! I want see movie where I'm taking to mouth many loads of crowd in Bukkake / Gokkun session. I love sperm and that would be cool... :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: selfsuck with mirror

Post by blacksunshineaz »

I've tried using a mirror that you can hang on a door, but I could never get the proper angle to get a good look and was worried about it falling and breaking. Instead, I got a smaller mirror with a handle (from the health and beauty section of a supermarket for a few dollars) and you can hold it and position it at whatever angle you want. It helped a lot when I was struggling to make contact after so many years as I could see how close I was and that motivated me to keep going. Of course, it's also fun to see your cock pressed against your lips -- this led me to buying my first digital camera 20+ years ago so I could get some good photos of myself.

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