6 inches away

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6 inches away

Post by Quins1234 »

I think I posted this in the wrong section earlier on (apologies)

I have been sporadically trying to achieve Self-suck since I discovered this ten years ago but never was able to apply the kind of dedication it required due to lack of privacy.

I have now got my own place and hope to put some real effort into attempts moving forward whenever the girlfriend is at work or sleeping. The issue I have is that historically I have never really got within 6 inches of my head, or at least it felt that far!

I did once have an extender sleeve which gave me over 8 inches to play with instead of my usual 6 inches and was able to get CLOSE to licking the tip of that whilst under a hot shower in the C position.

I find that my cock tends to pull back into me when I move into position for an attempt which really doesn't help.

Ultimately I am hoping to find someone on here that has managed to overcome the same distance I am facing, or to find out whether I would be wasting my time trying.

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Re: 6 inches away

Post by blacksunshineaz »

I was able to lick the tip when I was 13 but got frustrated that I couldn't do more than that so I gave up. It wasn't until I was in college that I got interested again. At that time, I was more than 12 inches (measured with a ruler which wasn't long enough) away from making contact. I worked at it though for a long time and I eventually was able to get the head between my lips. Unfortunately I could never do better than that.

Improving your flexibility is something that can be done with practice, but there is a limit of your flexibility based on other factors including whether you have a belly, which was definitely a factor for me. I can't say whether you'll be able to do it, but I would encourage you to practice. It may take several months to get there if you can get there at all. Just be careful not to push yourself too hard because it is possible to damage the discs in your spine.

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Re: 6 inches away

Post by Panther Sauce »

I could get my tongue to the tip when I started stretching and practicing, so I didn't have to close distance, it was all about building depth,
But I had the problem with my cock pulling away from me for sure. In C-position I used to ball up some socks to put under my balls and that helped some.
I think I really overcame the problem by getting used to moving my hips during sessions, in plow. I don't think I could move my hips while in position, to start with, but hip angle is important.
If you haven't tried plow position with your feet against the wall, give it a shot, the leverage really helps, for me anyway, different guys prefer different positions. These days I get deepest with my hips slightly over my head so that my head is tilted back more.

I got from just licking the tip to getting my lips around the base, idk how much of that was work vs luck, but I did put a couple years of work in, stretching and yoga almost every day,
And practice sessions for an hour or two per week.

Blacksunshine is right too, don't do too much, it's a marathon not a race, be careful not to injure yourself, I've tweaked muscles, my neck, etc, it's really lame, and it sets you back.
The heat of the moment is a thing, but take it easy, be kind to your body. We get one spine.

If you're making a tiny little bit of progress every day it will add up. To what? No one can say, but in my case it happened to be one of the best things I ever did for myself.

If you aren't doing cobra pose, work that into the routine for sure.
Getting a photo of yourself in the attempt could help you too, to evaluate anyway,
You want the bend distributed evenly over your entire spine, so if you're bending mostly in one place you can try to correct by modifying your stretching/yoga routine, or by just keeping it in mind while you practice.

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