Masturbating to Self-suck memories

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Masturbating to Self-suck memories

Post by Polevaulter69 »

So does anyone ever manually masturbate to porn-free fantasies, thoughts, or memories of your own past self-sucking sessions? At this point I’ve made about nine years of some really hot and intimate memories with my mouth and penis. Some of them I would barely call sessions of course. Some have been uncomfortable or really short cum-and-go’s. Sometimes I’m wanting to self but just can’t get into it, and sometimes I can’t climax or get rid of intrusive thoughts that prevent me from really enjoying my private time. I really only achieve a really awesome session one out of every three or four times but it’s enough.

Given that 1:4 ratio though many sessions have been exquisitely long and incredible with toe-curling, moaning orgasms at the end. I still remember one rainy evening alone absolutely devouring my cock and pumping dick into my mouth like a starving man. I had already cum a few hours earlier and was desperate for more and hit that magic spot where everything was perfect, the rhythm, the position, the arousal, the endorphin rush, the breathing, everything just magical and perfect for nearly an hour. Whenever I drive alone on long road trips and can’t really look at porn these are the memories I pull from, my best selfing sessions. Just thinking about some of them is more than enough to sustain an erection for hours. I also like to go out into the woods, strip naked and masturbate sometimes, usually to self-suck memories.

Most of my sessions occur in the same beanbag chair on the floor in my apartment, so most of my best memories sort of meld and blur together as food for good masturbation. My longest, most consistently evenly flowing session went over an hour, nearly non-stop with a few quick stretches thrown in a few years back when I was in awesome physical shape. I also get aroused remembering my best deepthroating sessions and especially my most intense and largest oral orgasms. Just remembering the taste of my cum makes me hard, whatever I’m doing. In 2020 when I self-isolated I self-sucked myself to orgasm five times in one day, pretty much draining the contents of my balls into my stomach in a single day. I just kept going back to the well for more. That’s always a good memory.

Also, I fantasize about extreme, ideal, effortless self-sucking scenarios. I go at it thinking about deepthroating my cock and just holding the position with effortless flexion ability for as long as I want while slowly pumping and contracting my pelvis and blinding my view as my ballsack presses across my eyes. Just effortless cocksucking where I don’t have to hold my breath or come up for air until I explode down my throat. Anyone else do this?
Cumming in your own mouth is like eating a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get!

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Re: Masturbating to Self-suck memories

Post by Jenner »

Oh yes indeed. I have many times. Especially more so now that I cannot do it anymore (i am 60+ years old and didnt keep up with my practice)
So I still remember the first time I was able to get my whole head between my lips and just lick myself to a stunning orgasm.
As with all of us probably, some days are easier than others. One glorious afternoon I was super limber and I was able to get almost down to the base, and I had my face just buried between my legs. I could lick my penis all the way down the urethra from the frenulum. Always the most satisfying part to lick, for me. I was able to rub my cock all over my face - over my nose and cheecks - i was in awe of my cock and I was making love to it. Eventually I ejaculated so much it spilled out of my mouth and onto my face. It felt uttterly glorious.
A few years later I had a scene with a woman and somehow one afternoon the subject of self sucking came up. She started the conversation actually. So I mentioned that I used to be able to do it.
She said "Ohh wow, do you think you still can?"
So I gave it a go. Lying on my back with legs over head I found that I was still able to get there. We were both equally thrilled about this. I got myself as comfortable as I could and then got some more in, about halfway down. She then manoevered herself behind me and started to lick my ass.
And I got so excited by this I came in my mouth, with her tongue inserted in my ass. Fantastic time.
That inspired me, and I later videod myself taking my cock into my mouth, then masturbated whilst watching it. How I wish I still had that tape :/
So those are some of my best autofellatio memories and I have got myself off to them many times. Nowadays I usually gaze down longingly at my cock and say to it, I love you - I wish I could get you into my mouth. And thats a turn on right there.
I got married a few years ago, and she knows about my skills. Once she was giving me a very sensual lick and suck. I said "I wish I could get down there and lick it with you"
She replied "well you had better keep up your yoga practice and maybe you'll be able to"
So now I have masturbated about the fantasy of licking and sucking my cock together with my wife.

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