Being caught in the act

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Being caught in the act

Post by johndoe12345 »

So over the years I've been caught selfing a few times some were interesting to say the least thought I'd share:
1.while staying in Vegas at a friend's house his adult son walked in on me doing the deed he never said anything except wow you're really flexible and walked out
2. While working at my job a customer commented about one of my xtube videos as I work in the public space I stopped doing videos
3. In the library bathroom someone waited till I finished before commenting "got" with a big smile through the stall doors
4. Ups man saw me through a window he normally rings the doorbell but he left a delivery attempted note oh boy

Funny thing is I'm not that big but I'm able to lick my balls as well as my cock but I am flexible. Both legs behind my back.lay down with one leg behind my head fold myself in half flexible

Ive never tasted another mans but I have my own.while I've cum in my own mouth I don't enjoy the taste or texture of my own cum pre I enjoy very much

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Re: Being caught in the act

Post by PT1962Redux »

I've always fantasized about being caught and have almost been caught a few times.

I used to go out to a state park near the town I where I live. There is a dammed up river and some parking areas that don't get a lot of visitors. I'd go there and sometimes suck outside or at least in my car. One night I was really going down on my dick in the front seat but wanted more space, so I started to move into the backseat by climbing over the front seat. In the process, I wanted to spread my legs more so I took off my pants and briefs. Once in the backseat, I went down and really went at it. I had a couple inches of my dick in my mouth and was in heaven. Then suddenly I felt this intensity and had one of the best orgasms of my life. I was shooting ropes of cum in my mouth and moaning uncontrollably. As soon as I stopped and came up for air, another car pulled into the parking area. My windows aren't tented and I was completely naked in my backseat. All I could do was lay down and hope they didn't see me. They were probably looking for a place to mess around and since a car was already there, they kept driving.

I've had other close calls, but that was the most dangerous. If they had pulled in a minute or two earlier, I'd have been in the middle of cumming and they'd have easily seen me in the backseat in the x position with half my hard dick in my mouth.

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