Is Self Sucking Gay?

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Is Self Sucking Gay?

Post by jammer »

I have no trouble at all Self Sucking. I can get almost my entire cock in my mouth. I never cum in my mouth due to the fact that I feel guilty whenever im about to. I want to so bad but I need some back up to here if its gay or not.

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Post by blacksunshineaz »

Nothing you do to yourself can make you gay and selfsucking is not a gay activity. Sure, there are gay men who can do it but there are straight men who can too. This is an act of self pleasure, nothing more.

Have you ever tasted your cum? I say you should try cumming in your mouth once and see if it does anything for you. Either you will like it and do it again or won't like it and then you won't have to wonder about it anymore.

Stop worrying about it and have fun with it. You are one of a talented few who can do this quite good. I think most guys would be envious of your abilities.

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Post by Kwalker »

I am one of those who am! I cant SS because of a back problem so I resorted to self-fuck as you already know. As I said in the chatroom, some guys here who SS and cum in their mouths have wifes or girlfriends. Eating your load will not turn you gay, it's your own fluid. Even if you love it and want more, you have plenty at your disposal, its not going to turn you gay ;).

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Happy Boy
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Post by Happy Boy »

it is wierd that nobody wonders whether jacking off is gay, but so many people think that self-sucking *must* be gay. i mean, it would be gay to give another guy a hand job, but nobody is concerned about doing it to themselves...right? same goes for oral...if you enjoy giving it to another guy then you are gay (or at least bi). doing it to yourself is just an advanced form of masturbation and has no bearing on your sexual preference.

i had always considered myself straight, but do to my ablilities i had wondered what it would be like to do it with another guy. i am an open minded guy, and the opportunity arose so i tried it, but it just didn't 'move' me the way sex with a woman does. i removed myself from the 'bi-curious' pigeonhole back to the 'straight' one and have remained there ever since.

what it all comes down to is this: if it feels good, and it doesn't hurt anyone (anyone that doesn't want to be hurt, that is!) then do it and stop worrying about it.

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Post by gebro »

Self sucking is really neither gay nor straight in the sense of it being an "asexual" activity, like masturbation.

It is just, for those who can do it, another way of giving yourself pleasure!

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Post by Xapprentice »

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how i learned to stop worrying and love my cock

Post by Xapprentice »

I use to feel guilty about selfsucking in general, not so much that it seemed gay, just that it was weird. This has to do more with upbringing and whatnot, like feeling guilty over 'regular' masturbation (with your hand). I am getting over this as it becomes a regular part of my self pleasuring activities. Its better than hand masturbation in my opinion and only wish I had started much sooner. If you are living in the USA or similar, public opinion regarding human sexuality is still in the dark ages. Alot of folk that are against masturbation or the other wide variety forms of human sexuality have repressed issues or misinformed anyway so dont let them dictate how your explore your own body. As long as its not hurting anyone, who cares? Youll be happier in the longrun shedding the guilt.

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Post by Freudiger »

It's not gay if you self suck. And when you get the strong desire to suck a cock, and it's not your own, forget about it.
If you're straight sucking another mans cock is just like sucking a bottle or something like that.

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Post by Dog »

Coming in your mouth wouldn't be any more gay than SSing--it's not a matter of degree. And it isn't gay. Like the other posts said, it's still just masturbation. I used to read a lot of Penthouse Forum stuff--Happy Hooker, and jerk off. I'd get so frenzied in my jerking off that I'd throw myself into the plough (didn't know it was a plough back then), and try to suck myself. I enjoyed the smell of my own cock, even though I could never get any closer than a couple of inches (I was a teenager, ignorant of yoga). I ofen came right into my mouth, all over my face. Didn't feel guilty then, and don't now, and I swallow every drop now. Try this: shoot your entire load into your mouth, but don't swallow until you're through ejaculating. Then swallow, trying for one giant gulp. This is the most awesome method (for me), and more enjoyable than splashing it all over my face--unless I want the come shot for video. When I come straight into my mouth, it's so incredible that I don't think that much about the fact that come tastes kind of nasty sometimes. I also enjoy feeling the SQUIRT!

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Is Self Sucking Gay

Post by Rollover »

What is all the worry about.If you like it then what's the problem.I'm sure
that the main " question" is,If I like cock in my mouth,and eat my cum,I
must be Gay.I'm always tryin to get more in my mouth,and I like the it,and I like pussy.I'm not HUNG,but I like to shoot in my mouth,and lick,
and suck.I also like to watch guys suck cock,and would enjoy the full cock
in my mouth.I'd also like to meet one guy that has the same cravin for a
sucker that is slim built and not over 180 lbs.Why,because I like it,and want it.I don't want a cock in my ass,and I don't want to fuck man ass.

I'm slim,trim,and can rollover with no problem,and if my cock was longer I'd suck myself every day.Thanks to all of you that can,and do,and share
your pleasure with all of us,I LOVE IT

senior sucker
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Post by senior sucker »

Lets suppose some expert told you it was gay to suck your own cock or anybodys cock. Would you care ? Does it matter to you that people think your gay ? This would not fit into what we catogorize as hetrosexual behavior. This is your life , enjoy it your way. :wink:

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Post by Lucasraleigh »



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Post by Danceoff2 »

Self-sucking doesnt make you gay, its masteration to the extreme hahaha.
Does watching NFL make you a professional athlete?

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Post by msv »

If every male person who can do ss had pussy instead of dick, they would still suck it if they could reach their clitoris. Maybe even more because they would have easy multiple orgasms ;)

As for what comes for bi-sexuality it's just ego and whole brains behind it. (If we were all newborn same time) and society with media,tv,politics,religion and everyone said that bi was a cool thing, then everyone could be gay without problems. I saw pedofilia video once, where 8 year old sucked his dad, and they were both laughing same time with much fun especially that kid with cum in his mouth. I don't compare ss to pedophilia, because it's illegal and abuse but I'm trying to say that that boy sucked his dad without any problems because it was how hes dad tought him from the beginning. So be what you want to be, except that pedofilian part unless you don't put that child learn stuff from school :wink:

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It's what you think

Post by shinyskivs »

If you have issues about your own orientation, then self-sucking might bring up these questions, because you end up with a cock in your mouth. However, it is in no way a defining feature of sexual orientation, because it's simply an advanced form of masturbation (as stated earlier). I started at 10. I SS'd every day for about 2 years until I was 12. Never once did I fantasize about other boys my age. Then, I grew a lot, and didn't even try for more than a decade. Now, out of sheer force of will, I can do it again.

Another question is whether or not it might be narcissistic. However, most people can take their sexual activity (ie, what goes on behind closed doors) and keep that apart from their daily lives. Sexual activities don't have to have a huge bearing on personality.

SS is a kinky, perverse activity, and that's why I like it. It feels good. I like the earlier Nike comment/advice.

(By the way, I'm only at about 1.5 inches in. I've put on a few these past years. Does losing weight help the flexibility?)

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