a third-person self sucking story recently posted on reddit...

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a third-person self sucking story recently posted on reddit...

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He wraps his arm under his thigh and pulls his leg up far enough to hook his foot behind his head, and his stomach quivers, partly from strain, mostly from anticipation. His cock twitches against the folds of skin created by the folded position he’s in, and he takes a shaky breath as he reaches for it with his free hand.

His grip is tight and sure, pulling hard enough to turn the red tip a bloodless pink for a brief moment before the foreskin obscures it. A shining bead of precum wells at the tip and he leans in open-mouthed to lick it away.

The taste makes his mouth water, and he clutches at his leg, toes curling as he wraps his ankle more firmly behind his neck to suck himself in. He prods at his slit with a purposeful tongue and his eyes slide closed when his lips close around the head and he earns another burst of sweet salt. He hums and rocks forward, flattening his tongue against the smooth spongy head and basking in the sensation and taste. His hand slips up his thick shaft almost gently, half-forgotten.

His sucks fall into a rhythm, firm pulls at the very tip while his tongue slides wetly over the firm soft flesh, whole body tensing and relaxing as he moves over his cock, sinking deeper and deeper into his own mouth until he can taste himself on the very back of his tongue, teasing his throat.

He allows himself to gag only to pull off of himself, gasping for air and shaking with near orgasm from the dual sensation. His cock throbs as cool air hits the wet skin and he takes more short breaths as he stares at it, large in his hand, balls drawn up tight below. He drools as he pulls himself back in.

There’s an urgency to his movement now, and the leg he’s not holding jerks, inside of his knee brushing his ear as he sucks firmly, salt flavor now coming steadily and urging him on. His fingers clench and nails dig into the inside of his thigh, his stomach tightens. His other hand drifts below his balls to rub at the smooth skin there, teasing. A hot flush rushes over him, tingling from his hole to his scalp, and his ass clenches around nothing. He moans as he forces himself into his throat and shakes, holding tight, then swallows as his balls draw up and cock jerks, then flood his mouth with creamy cum.

He works his mouth and throat over himself as he drinks every drop he can milk out, toes curling as he borders on over-sensitivity, wasting nothing, and when he allows his cock to slip from his mouth it’s been sucked clean. It flops down against his balls, pink and half-hard.

He guides his leg back from around his neck and slowly uncurls to rest against the mattress, legs spread, bittersweet flavor coating his tongue and throat. He smacks his tongue and savors it while he reaches for his cock again. The shock of his own touch makes him tremble and he squeezes hard, breathing through it. He’s not going to get anything more from his for the moment, but maybe someone else will let him have theirs while he recovers.

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