Come In And Have A Seat 3

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Come In And Have A Seat 3

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'Thanks for keeping this appointment' the nurse said as I entered the room.
'I've been very good at taking my medicine at home!' I blurted out figuring it was the obvious reason for this appointment.
'That's really good to hear, but we set up this appointment for another reason.' the nurse continued, 'We believe we can cure you completely with one procedure, so taking your medicine at home will no longer be necessary. Would you like that?' she asked sweetly.
'Yeah, sure, that would be great!' I said with excitement. 'But what would you have to do to me?'
'Well, I don't want to go into too much detail, but we believe that if you take a dose of medicine from a few donors with exceptionally healthy testacies along with your own dose, it should cure you completely.' she explained.

” “Oh” I said, not sure how I felt about going through the procedure. The nurse walked up to me, “we have every thing ready to go, I just need you to get undress and lay down on this special exam table.” “I don’t know, I don’t feel…” I said as the nurse cut me off. “Its ok, I know the procedure sound scary but it is the best thing for you.” I looked up at her. “And ill be right beside you to administrate it.” I felt better as she said this and exclaimed” ok, I’ll do it.” “good…” the nurse said with excitement “now please remove your cloths and take your place on the table.” The nurse walked over to the exam table as I pulled off my things. She watched me as I walked over and lay down. Quickly she locked the cuffs around my ankles and my wrist by my side. I was a little anxious and she could see this as she looked down at me” just relax…” she said as she walked over to the cabinet then back to me “…I just need you to open your mouth so I can put this in” as the nurse held up a metal ring, with two straps at each end. “Are you sure that it’s…” “shhhh…” she interrupt calmly “…its all right.” With that I nodded my head and opened my mouth as she slipped it in-between my teeth and then lifted my head to tie in the back. Once that was done she went to the door, stuck her head out and gestured with her hand. As she turned and walked back to the table four other men fallowed her in. Three of them were black and they were all warring white robes. “Please disrobe and gather around the head of the table” the nurse said in a dictatorially tone. The four guys slid off their robes and the nurse reached under the table. As she pressed the button the table started to lower, as it did I could see that the four donors had nothing on at all as there penises appeared and then the table stopped as their cock were now above my head. One of the black donors was fully erect, the other three were semi-hard. As I turned my head to get a better view of the penis, the nurse took hold of my head, pointed my face straight up and then place a strap across my forehead to hold it in that position as she said “now start masturbating your penis, when you are about to ejaculate place the head of your penis into ring gage. I need the patient to receive as much medicine as you can give” the nurse said. As the donors started sliding their penis through their fist the nurse look down as she took her place by my waist and she could tell I was looking for an expiation. “Your medicine has to be fresh, this is the only way.” As she said this, the donor with full erect penis let out a moan as he leaned over and pointed his penis towards my mouth. I could feel the head of his cock press against my tong as he held his breath then gave out a strong whimper. A thick worm substance hit my tong fallowed by another blast, as my medicine coated my tong. The nurse peered over me as the donor extracted a few more squirts of the medicine before wiping off the last few drops on the metal ring. “Very good…” she states pleasantly “…that a good does of medicine for him.” My mouth now full of the salty liquid, I felt the urge to swallow. It must have be evident cause the nurse then said to me “Don’t swallow it yet, you need to wait for the other donors to finish.” With that I took a deep breath and tried to calm my nerves. The other three donors were now all fully erect and one of the black men had an exceptionally large penis and he was masturbating it with a very rapid pace. Out of nowhere the white donor gave out a painful moan as he quickly tried to get the head of his penis into the ring. The first ejaculation hit the side of my cheek and a drop started to roll down as the rest of his medicine added to the other donation. The nurse quickly wiped the drop off my cheek and as the donor removed his penis from in-between the ring, the nurse wiped the drop off onto my lower lip as she said to the remaining two donors “Please be careful with your ejaculation, the patient must receive a large does from each of you, if you need help controlling you ejaculations I can help you.” Neither of the other two donors responded. I continued to watch out of the corner of my eye as the large back cock jerking off right next to me. I suddenly realized a more starchy taste in my mouth, I continued to breath deeply as I looked over to the nurse. She looked down at me and sweetly said “your doing good, we’re half way done.” The donor with the large cock held his cock straight up as he rubbed the head, I could see clearly the pulsating vanes on the underside. He then stepped forward and lowered his cock over the ring. His ejaculation oozed out falling right down through the ring and into my mouth. His was exceptionally thick, and had a creamy taste as it rolled down my tong and into the pool at the back of my throat. Like the others when his flow subsided he wiped the few last drops off against the ring. My mouth now felt very full of medicine and my tong swam in it. My nerves started to creep up and I wanted to swallow. I tried to push my head up, as the nurse saw this she responded “I know it hard, we need to wait for the last donor. Does this help?” The nurse took my cock in her hand, gave it a good squeeze and the laid it again my belly as she pressed a thumb against it’s underside, rubbing it up and down. It felt really good and I didn’t realize how hard I was until she did this. This careful motion relaxed me. “There we good, feel better now?” she said with a smile. We both now watched as the last donor worked out his donation. I looked out the corner of my eye as the last donor jerked his cock furiously. I glanced back up at the nurse as she looked down at me with a sigh; she then glanced back up at the donor. The nurse then out stretched her arm and cupped his balls with her free hand; this must have been what he needed because he gave out a whimper and stepped forward. He was able to get the head into the ring but it pushed against the inside of my cheek as I could feel his medicine spout out against my cheek. At this point I could only feel as the volume in my mouth greatly increased. As the last donor pulled his penis away, the nurse peered into my open mouth. “That should be enough donor medicine to cure you, I just need to add your own medicine” she said as she took my hard penis in her hand and carefully started to stroke it, “just breath.” Her hand felt good against my worm penis, I realized now that I must have been turned on by the procedure. She knew what pace and pressure I liked from my last visit, and she was doing it perfectly. She then cupped my balls with her other hand as the thumb slowly massaged them. I could feel my orgasm approaching. I must have tightened my muscles as the nurse reacted to my body twitching by saying, “here we go, it’s almost done, I just need you to ejaculate.” With that she pointed my penis towards my head and I felt a hard round edge press into the head of my cock as I close my eyes and let my orgasm roll through me. My body shook as I could feel my cock pumping out several loads of my medicine. When it had passed, I opened my eyes to see the nurse holding up a small plastic cup half full of my ejaculation. “You gave out a good amount of medicine”, she said and with that she brought the cup down right above the ring and slowly turned it to it side. Two big blobs of my medicine fell into my mouth and collected with the rest. “Don’t move your head” she calmly commanded as she pulled off the strap away from my head. Now that the procedure was done, I was ready and eager to do it. The nurse looked down at me,”I’ll tell you when, just let me remove the ring” she said kindly. Mythically she slid two fingers behind my head, undid the knot, and with both hands slowly lifted the metal ring up out of my mouth. “Almost there”, she said as she set the ring aside. Using three fingers and her thumb she slow guided my jaw shut, watching for any medicine that might escape. Gently holding my mouth close she used her other hand to delicately massage my throat in a downward touch. “Go head, swallow” she said as she looked down at me compassionately. I took in a deep breath, opened my throat, and swallowed down my medicine in one big gulp. It was easier then I thought due to the nurse’s genital massaging. “See…” she said “…that wasn’t so bad” as she smiled. “I’m glad it’s over” I responded before asking “how long with it take the medicine to fix my problem?” “Hopefully it should start working soon” as the nurse said this she took one of my testacies in her palm and studying it rolled it around gently, “your small testacies should grow to normal size now.” I smiled.

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Re: Come In And Have A Seat 3

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Good story. But it was a little hard to read because there are a lot of obscure characters that are distracting. I don't even know why there are these symbols.

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Re: Come In And Have A Seat 3

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I think the symbols were supposed to me speech indicative quotation marks, but the forum uses those to quote other threads and topics. Not sure if I should or even can try to fix this for the author...
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Re: Come In And Have A Seat 3

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Ha! yeah - the weird symbols are part of the coding of the site that the story was copied from. If the poster wants to re-do it, they can copy the text from the original post on the other site, and then look up how to "Paste without formatting" - it's usually a keyboard key combination - and that might fix it. On Mac it's Shift-Command-V instead of the usual Command-V

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