a motel masturbation experience

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a motel masturbation experience

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if you read my blogs and comments throughout this site, you may have figured out that I love to eat my cum and edge for hours, Perhaps I should have said that in the reverse order. Anyway, I am here in Buffalo NY for a visit and had no where to go until noon. So of course I used this opportunity to sit at the desk and get on line and edge for a few hours before going. I was well into a nice edge (about 2.5 hours worth) when housecleaning started knocking at the door. I ignored the knocks, not wanting to loose the edge I had. I thought that since I had turned the upper lock that whoever was there could not get in. Well, she kept knocking and I kept ignoring until she came in.

So cool. I was at the desk and nude and obviously bating and she poked her head in and asked if I needed anything. She definitely saw my cock and my hand stroking it. I just looked over and responded that I was fine as is and she left. I knew that there was some exhibitionist in me, but this event sort of proves to myself that I liked it more that a little, I never stopped stroking thru the exchange with her and certainly was not embarrassed. My cock never lost it's edge, rather, got a little closer proving that my cock liked the "exposure". Just a cool moment that helps me understand myself even more that a few moments before. Shortly after, I did cum and ate a nice warm protein meal.
I enjoy having my cock sucked as much as anyone else but sucking a cock and swallowing the cum is on another level.

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