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So I decided to make an account at since they have a decent (if somewhat confusing to use) photo-album system. While I still come here each and every day, as its the best fuggin forum on the fuggin internet, I figured I would post some pics there in an album format and see if I get some feedback. So far nuthin... but it's only been one day.. lol. If yer curious take a look:

Even though I lead my day to day life as a hetero sexual husband in a monogamous traditional relationship, most of my masturbation activities are homosexually themed. While my wife knows about this, she doesnt really care one way or the other. She herself has virtually no sex drive, so I'm pretty much left to my own devices. :)
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Re: joined

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Another fun site is - very friendly international group of men.

And thanks for your kind words about and for your contributions over the years!


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Re: joined

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I too am a member of justusboys.
My wife has almost no sex drive so I of course take matters into my own hands.
Also a member of menwhoswallow, buddybate, bateworld, fetlife and others. All with the same name.
I enjoy having my cock sucked as much as anyone else but sucking a cock and swallowing the cum is on another level.

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